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The Art Of Live Jazz - Jazz Photos by Ben Johnson

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Your Bio

I am a native of Atlantic City, NJ.

My hobbies were primarily related to electronics and Amateur Radio as WB2GUK since 1962 excelling in using Morse Code at 75 words per minute.

Before retiring, I spent 34 years as an engineer supporting Air Traffic Control Enroute computer systems.

My love for Jazz started at an early age listening to the likes Jimmy Smith, and groomed into listenening to BeBop and Avant Garde by my life long friend, drummer Harvey Mason.

Thirty five years ago (or so) , I started photography as a secondary hobby and found a passion for photographing Jazz artists in live performance, as a means of retaining their performances for personal memories. My passion has expanded to “Capturing The Moment” of the performers for all to see, and to encourage listeners to come out and support The Art of Live Jazz.

While most of my work surrounds performances in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas, I regularly photograph performances at numerous Jazz Festivals and concert venues.

A great deal of my photography is in extremley low light which I finding very rewarding because of its inherent challenges. I try to bring to the viewer that special moment of a performance that allows 'hearing the music' through the photograph.

My work was featured as the cover photograph for late internationally known vocalist Jon Lucien’s last CD, “Live In NYC”, as well as feature articles in Jazz Times Magazine, and other printed and web based publications.

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I reside near Atlantic City, NJ

To contact me Click Here regarding the use of any of my images or for photographic. services. All Rights Reserved.